Giving Back Practices

Clean Clothes Campaign
Since establishing in 2013, HORSES has donated a portion of all sales to the Clean Clothes Campaign, a global network dedicated to improving working conditions, predominantly for women of colour, in the global garment industry.

Native Women’s Association of Canada
HORSES donates to and stands by the Native Women's Association of Canada for their tireless work toward the well-being of Indigenous Peoples, their actionable commitment towards MMIGW and violence prevention, child welfare, access to water, and advocacy for the 2SLGBTQQIA community.

Black Lives Matter Canada | Black Lives Matter
HORSES donates to Black Lives Matter, a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities.

HORSES donates face masks to frontline workers at Sistering, a multi-service agency for at-risk socially isolated women, and trans people in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.


The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is one of the only LGBTQ organizations to operate—and innovate—at the intersections of LGBTQ youth mental health, suicidology, and crisis intervention. 


Canada-Ukraine Foundation
Horses contributes to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, an organization providing food, medicine and shelter to support millions of Ukrainians who have been displaced.  


UN Women Ukraine
Horses donates to UN Women Ukraine, aimed at working on the ground to deliver immediate humanitarian aid.

Spun Studio
HORSES donates fabric ends to Spun Studio, a studio for women and trans people to create and sell textile art, and earn supplemental income coupled with the round-of-circle care offered at SISTERING that contributes to finding and keeping secure housing.

Regent Park Sewing Studio
HORSES donates fabric to the Regent Park Sewing Studio which offers recent immigrant women tools and skills for individual growth and financial stability, empowering them to make positive change in their communities.

Nature United
HORSES donates to Nature United, an organization whose conservancy work is both committed to reconciliation in Canada, and environmental protections that have a global impact.

Daily Bread Foodbank
HORSES donates 100% of profits from face mask sales to the Daily Bread Foodbank, to support their hunger relief efforts. We believe that access to food is a basic human right.

Wet’Suwet’en Nation Solidarity
HORSES donates to the land defenders of the Wet’Suwet’en Nation, in solidarity, and in opposition to the natural gas pipeline that would cut through their territory.

Cher Government
HORSES sponsors Cher Government, a letter-writing campaign giving power to children's voices in asking the government to give access to clean water to all First Nations’ children.

HORSES donates to Sistema, an after-school music and social development program for children living in underserved communities with the end goal of transformative social change.

Female-founded, Female-run Theatre
HORSES donates to female-run, female-founded theatre companies including It Could Still Happen and Paradigm Productions.

Resources for Mobilizing

Black Women In Motion
Cee Toronto 
Black Legal Action Centre
Across Boundaries
True North Aid
LGBTQ+ youth line
Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

For more resources, visit the HORSES Instagram.

Take Action

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